Little Frens

A whimsical series of 3,000 adorable Frens on the Ethereum blockchain.
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Little Frens Photo Collage

What are little Frens?

Little Frens are made up of 13 Base Characters, & 235+ individually ✋✏️ hand drawn traits of various rarities. Little Frens combination of traits give us a range to hand pick over 10,000 Frens out of our 400 BILLION possible combinations. 3000 have been released for our initial GENESIS collection.

Legendary 1/1s have also been seen running around the playground!
Little Frens Photo Collage
Little Frens Leopard Skelly with Halo

Wen Mint?



Roadmap 1.1

Phase 1:  🚀 Launch initiated. Pre-sale & public sale consisting of 3,000 "Genesis" little frens introduced to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Phase 2: ✈️ Airdropping random holders FREE Frens & floor NFTs from other AMAZING projects!

Phase 3: 🛬 5 random holders will receive exclusive rewards. Consisting of 5 LEGENDARY ANIMATED 1/1 Little Frens.

Phase 4: 🥈 Launch and build hype for Gen 2 Little Frens

Phase 5: 📝 Whitelist allocation for Gen 2 release (each Genesis Little Frens holder will be automatically on the whitelist)

Phase 6: 🚀 Release Gen 2 Little Frens

Phase 7: 🏡 Launch "Little Homes" - Little Frens Tokenomics
Little Frens Bunny with Rainbow Hoodie and Electricity
Little Frens team Skelly Monkey Kitty

Who are our founding frens?

Twitter : @ Diamondapefren
Meet Jonoc ! Your Dev & Artist of Little Frens. Jonoc aka Diamondapefren is an eclectic artist and developer. He has developed and worked on multiple websites / solidity contracts & so much more over the last 22 years. Jonoc is a Web2 & Web3 entrepreneur and multi-medium creator.

Twitter: @ Chasecrypto_eth
Meet Chase ! Chase aka Chasecrypto_eth is a community builder, crypto wizard, and our head Discord Admin. Chase does what it takes to make a community more active, bigger, and feel involved. Whether that means getting 1 hour of sleep, or hopping on a call with a community member to answer the questions they have.

[Advisor] Twitter : @ HunkinsNFT
Meet Hunkins ! Hunkins is a Graphic Designer / Social Media Coordinator / Creative director based out of Los Angeles. Hunkins has creative directed / designed for multiple Artists and Brands throughout his years & grown multiple pages from ground zero to where they are today.

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